What Does Sag Student Film Agreement Mean

There are always gray areas by state and project, and you should always read and review your agreements carefully. SAG student film agreements cover films with a budget of less than $35,000, a maximum duration of 35 minutes, and producers currently studying at an accredited U.S. university. As with the SAG short project agreement, there is no fixed SAG weekly scale or even a fixed daily rate – this is negotiable. Good questions! SAG Modified Low Budget is the “smallest” contract for which an actor can become Taft-Hartleyed. Anything “above” also works (these are the SAG Low Budget and SAG Basic agreements). This means that SAG Student Film, SAG Short Film and SAG Ultra Low Budget Agreements will not bring you closer to JOINING SAG. (Prior to 01.07.05, this list of “unspecified” included SAG Limited Exhibition and SAG Experimental Agreements.) Amazon, Instagram, YouTube – these are just some of the goals that the Screen Actors Guild calls “new media.” Whether you`re making a movie or a series, both fall under this agreement as long as your budget ranges from $50,000 to $1,000,000.