Terms Of Business Agreement Uk

It may happen that we, or any of our companies, customers or suppliers of affiliated products, have a potential conflict of interest with transactions that are carried out for you. If this happens and we discover that there is a potential conflict, we will inform you and detail the steps we will take to ensure fair treatment. For those who wish to pay in instalments, we usually only feature Premium Credit Limited customers. We may offer options to pay in installments with other financial service providers. We advise you if competitive credit terms are available through your insurer. Alternatively, you have the option of obtaining your own credit agreement. 4.1 We charge our fees on the basis of which we informed you at the beginning of our work and which will be modified by a subsequent agreement with you. This reflects the time our partners, collaborators and consultants devote to your business, the level of skills and responsibility, the associated skills and responsibilities, the importance and value of the advice we offer, as well as the level of risk. In accordance with the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representation) Act 2012, it is your duty as a consumer to exercise due diligence so as not to misrepresent an insurer. By law, a consumer is defined as a natural person who takes out an insurance contract wholly or mainly for purposes that are not related to the person`s activity, activity or profession. Failure by the consumer to comply with the insurer`s request to confirm or amend the information previously provided may constitute misrepresentation within the meaning of this act. If you are a business customer, your insurance is based on the information provided to the insurance company.

This means that you must make a “fair representation of risk” and that you must provide insurers with anything that could influence an insurer`s judgment when setting the premium, setting the conditions or deciding to take over the risk. For clients based in the Channel Islands, CIFO is an independent and freely accessible service in the Channel Islands to resolve disputes between authorized plaintiffs and companies providing financial services. For more information on CIFO, see www.ci-fo.org. For policyholders based in Guernsey, if we have not given you a definitive response within three months of the announcement of your complaint, we will inform the GFSC and remind you of your rights to inform the GFSC directly of your complaint. . . .

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