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“SLA”) — (i) No provision for discount or click-through agreements (or similar agreements) that may be provided in connection with products purchased under this Agreement applies in lieu of this provision or is used to amend a provision of this Agreement, even if your user or authorized agent claims to have accepted these clauses accordingly. In order to avoid any doubt and limitation of the above, in the event of a conflict between these contraction or click-through clauses (regardless of the products or services related to these provisions) and any clause or condition of this Agreement, the relevant clause or condition of this agreement, which governs and replaces the purchase of such products to the extent of such a conflict, applies. All acceptances of agreements and renewals are made in writing. (viii) Microsoft maintains a list of subcontractors that are likely to provide personnel authorized to access customer data in online services and that will be published for Azure services on or subseci sites identified by Microsoft. Microsoft will update these sites at least 14 days before a new subcontractor allows access to customer data, Microsoft will update the website and provide you with a mechanism to receive a notification of this update. The markup allows partner directors to add a percentage mark to their indirect enterprise agreements. The mark-up percentage applies to all Microsoft service information for the first parties on the Azure EA portal, z.B.: counter rate, Azure pre-payment and orders.

After the markup was published by the partner, the customer sees azure-Kosten in the Azure EA Portal. For example, usage summaries, price lists and downloaded usage reports. “” (ii) Please visit for more information on the states covered by CJIS and the services covered by CJIS. Note that not all states are states covered by CJIS and that different services covered by the CJIS may apply in different states covered by the CJIS. For more information on signing up for CJIS Covered Services through an enterprise contract, see For the purposes of this section, if you are not in a state covered by CJIS, Microsoft is currently unable to provide representations related to CJIS and no CJIS changes are applied, “Portal” refers to online service websites that can be accessed on, or other website that we identify. “SLA” refers to the commitments we make regarding the provision and/or delivery of an online service, as published on, or on another site we identify.

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