Agreement On Illicit Traffic By Sea

(b) that the extent and extent of the illicit manufacture of a narcotic or psychotropic substance cause serious public health or social problems to justify international action, it informs the Commission of an assessment of the substance, including the likely effects of the inclusion of the substance in Table I or Table II on legal use and illicit manufacture. , as well as recommendations on control measures, if any, in light of its assessment. Determined to deprive those involved in the illicit trafficking of the proceeds of their criminal activities and thus eliminate their main incentive for trafficking, 1. In accordance with their obligations under the Universal Postal Union conventions and in accordance with the basic principles of their internal legal systems, the parties are taking steps to undermine and cooperate in the use of mailings for illicit trafficking. The 1988 Convention was introduced after the political and sociological developments of the 1970s and 1980s. The growing demand for cannabis, cocaine and recreational heroin, particularly in industrialized countries, has led to an increase in illegal production in geographic areas where cannabis, coca and opium were traditionally grown. With the growing importance of illicit drug trafficking, international drug trafficking has become a multi-billion euro affair, dominated by criminal groups and which is at the root of the creation of the 1988 Convention and the consequent escalation of the war on drugs. [4] Recognising that the elimination of illicit trafficking is a collective responsibility of all States and that, to that end, coordinated action within the framework of international cooperation is necessary, b) all substances that are not in Table I or Table II and which have been used in the illicit manufacture of narcotics or psychotropic substances and which are considered of sufficient importance by the contracting party to be brought to the attention of The House; 1. The parties cooperate, as far as possible, in accordance with international law of the sea, to crack down on illegal trafficking by sea.

2. Each contracting party takes appropriate measures to prevent the illegal cultivation and eradication of plants containing narcotic or psychotropic substances, such as opium poppy, coke grass and cannabis plants, that are illegally grown on its territory.

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